Privacy Policy:
Seim Studios LLC and it’s subsidiaries, including Pro Photo Show, Seim Effects, Atomic feather and all other brands will not sell your information to third parties. E-mail addresses and other contact information submitted in any manner are private and will only be used internally for communication, occasional newsletters and information pertaining to Seim Studios projects. Any bulk communication from Seim Studios may be unsubscribed to at any time.

Occasionally Seim Studios or it’s related properties offer giveaways for products digital or physical. Contest eligibility is subject to all US and international (where applicable) laws and regulations. Contests come with no guarantee expressed or implied.

No purchase is necessary. The giveaway is valid to persons 18 or older and void in any nation, state, or province where prohibited and or restricted by US or local law.  Enter the giveaway using the correct form or process as indicated in the instructions. You may enter only once unless otherwise noted. Winners will be picked and prizes given by Seim Studios staff or it’s partners. Seim Studios LLC reserved the right to substitute prizes if needed.  Terms of giveaway are subject to change without notice. Winners may be required to prove eligibility if required by law. Facebook (r) and other social sites are in no way associated with Seim Studios Giveaways.


Reviews & Products:
Seim Studios makes effort to ensure that reviews are fair and honest and will say so, or not review a product at all if it falls below our standards. Products that PPS reviews sometimes have affiliate deals with vendors. These are not relevant to our review of the product but we try to disclose them. They include discounts for readers as well and are often found on the Deals Page.

Comments, Pages & Forums:
Seim Studios it’s staff, and members retain all content rights including comments and forum threads social pages and other spaces. Seim Studios and may re-publish, and/or remove said content, at their discretion. We encourage open discussion and even a little debate and try to let free speech reign, but we do retain the right to deal with discussion as we see fit. Keep it nice and keep it clean.

Content Usage:
All content including images on all sites is property of Seim Studios and or it’s authors or licensees. Content may not be reused or reproduced other than excerpts linking to our original content. Classroom use is permitted providing attribution is given when content or images are shown.

Any use of Seim Studios content outside the above stated is copyright infringement unless permission is otherwise granted and action will be taken against the infringement. I you wish to request other permissions you may contact us.

If you see a photo from an event you attended, You may to share it with friends and family on your personal web space such as Facebook, providing you follow these guidelines…

  • Attribution must be given.
  • You may NOT alter the image.
  • You may NOT remove the Seim brand from the image.
  • You may NOT claim the image as your work.
  • You may NOT sell or use the image in any commercial means
  • You may NOT print the image.
  • You MAY post the picture on your profile.
  • At the request of Seim Studios you MUST remove the image.

Desktop Backgrounds:
The desktop backgrounds we make available may not be altered, reproduced, or printed. They are for use on your computers, and to bring a happy scene to your screen. Please respect the time we’ve taken to make them. If you want prints contact us to order them,

Purchased Digital Files:
If you purchased a digital disk, or received it with you package it probably includes non-commercial printing rights. The images may not be re-sold, posted online, or the disk duplicated. Please see the label of your disk for your printing rights, or contact us.